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WHY? Coconut Water

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Coconut water called "water of life” in various place in the world because efficacy treatment.

TCW is called the “fluid of life”, referred to as the Tender Coconut Water (TCW) , where tender means soft flesh like jelly. The total water and sugar content reaches a maximum when the coconut is between 6-7 months of age, at this age coconut water has the sweetest and delicious taste. The content of water and sugar will be reduced with increasing age of coconut maturity.

Tender Coconut water is called a natural isotonic drink because of the electrolyte content such as sodium and potassium contained in it. TCW can be used as ready to drink food product having natural health beneficial nutrients.

TCW is the most nutritious healthy drink from palm tree, is a natural isotonic drink that has content similar to our body's blood plasma. The content of macro and micro-nutrients found in tender coconut water can lower lipids, protect the heart and liver. The content of nutrients of TCW is influenced by the age of fruit maturity, soil nutrient content and environmental conditions.

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