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POWCO ULTRA BOOST, the only energy gel in Thailand with a medium glycemic index by human research #MediumGI 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

What is GI (Glycemic Index),

and what does it have to do with athletes?


For friends related to diabetes,

you may have known the value of the Glycemic Index (GI).


Do you believe that this index is essential not only for

people with diabetes but also for athletes?


GI, or Glycemic Index, is an index that describes

this type of food and how quickly our blood sugar levels will rise.


This index has a value from 0-100. Which food has a low GI?

The body takes longer to digest and absorb when we eat it

than when compared to foods with a high GI.


Therefore, foods with low GIs cause blood sugar levels to

rise more slowly than foods with a high GI; for example,

chickpeas (GI=10) Raise blood sugar levels more slowly

than bread (GI=71), etc.


So why should athletes care about the GI of their food?

Among the five main food groups, carbohydrates,

or "carbs" for short, are the most important for athletes.


The body uses "carbs" as the primary energy source during

sports activities or everyday life, which the body wants.

The energy level in the body remains constant for as long as

possible without fluctuations or fluctuations.


Therefore, athletes should mainly choose to eat low or

medium-GI foods. So that the blood sugar level gradually

increases little by little.


POWCO Ultra Boost has a GI value of 68.8, which has been tested in humans. This is because POWCO has prioritized maintaining stability to release energy and ensure the safety of every athlete's body.


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