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WHY? Food Viscosity

Konjac glucomannan (KGM) is associated with the satiety-enhancing property by imparting the food matrix with high viscosity.

In the present study, rheology tests on KGM sol with different viscosities were conducted to understand its flow behavior as they presented in the mouth and stomach, and the in vitro gastric emptying characteristics of KGM were examined with a human gastric simulator.

Then, their effects on subjective appetite, glycemia, and appetite-related hormones (insulin, GLP-1, PYY3-36, CCK-8, ghrelin) response were investigated by conducting a randomized, single-blind, crossover trial in 22 healthy adults (11 female and 11 male, mean age (years): 23.2 ± 2.0, BMI (kg m−2 ): 20.6 ± 2.1).

The secretion of glycemia and satiety-related hormones were beneficially modulated by the increased viscosity of the test meal but a small decrease in the ad libitum food intake was observed after the intervention of the viscous test breakfasts.

Overall, elevating the meal viscosity moderately by using KGM could contribute to combating the challenge of hunger for people in the bodyweight management
In vitro gastric emptying characteristic
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