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Our coconut water is 100% Thai-breed

We believe that Thai coconut is the most famous breed for its taste and quality. Our selection is from Thailand's best plantation namely Ratchaburi, Samutsakorn and Samutsongkram, where the soil is plentiful, and, where coconuts derive their unique quality and reputation as "Thai Geographical Indication (GI)". Hence, GI represents a brand of a locality signifying a product’s quality and place of origin.

By using a special process we capture the pureness of our coconuts and make sure to keep the natural nutrients and fresh flavour alive for longer. Additionally, we design our products by integrating many scientific data to prove the health assumption that our customers might be concerned about.


On top of that, Powco was funded by the "TED Fund", the technology and Innovation-based Enterprise Development Fund, one of the Thai-innovative government division.

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